Monday, September 29, 2008

Casey's First Bath in the "Big Girl" Tub

Casey had her first Big Girl bath at Grandma and Grandpa Crawford's House (Mama Kay and Papa Dee) during the Ike Hurricane adventure! I was a little terrified and Casey didn't know what to do with all that water, but Kay helped to settle me down (and took great pictures).
Grandma and Grandpa Crawford saved us from the heat!!! Casey loved playing with their original set of Playschool wooden blocks (she tasted every one), napping on their big bed, playing with the mini, plastic golf set, sitting on the big swing in the backyard, and trying to grab at their glasses. Casey was most impressed by the funny clicking noises Kay made for her.
More posts to come!!!
p.s. - I have a super cute butt shot of Casey but chickened out in posting it. =)


Alyssa said...

Yeah the big tub seems a little scary, but as long as there is a towel in the water or a mat to keep her from sliding, she should be ok. I have often wanted to try it out with Carter so he can experience having more water to float his little squirt toys in, but now that he constantly wants to pull himself up, I want to keep him in the infant tub where it's harder for him to stand.

Jackie and Andy said...

It was so funny...she kept turning around and looking at all the water with this look of total confusion. She would gently pat the water and then look back at me. I was a little terrified and Casey was just confused!

We have not tried another big girl bath yet, since we don't have a rubber mat at the bottom of our tub, but she is very quickly outgrowing her baby tub!

I may have to call my MIL, Kay, over for moral support!

Holly Heston said...

so she likes the big girl tub? We haven't braved that yet. We definitely need to. We pretty much stick to the kitchen bending and she loves the sprayer. Way to go, Casey!