Monday, September 29, 2008

Casey's First Bath in the "Big Girl" Tub

Casey had her first Big Girl bath at Grandma and Grandpa Crawford's House (Mama Kay and Papa Dee) during the Ike Hurricane adventure! I was a little terrified and Casey didn't know what to do with all that water, but Kay helped to settle me down (and took great pictures).
Grandma and Grandpa Crawford saved us from the heat!!! Casey loved playing with their original set of Playschool wooden blocks (she tasted every one), napping on their big bed, playing with the mini, plastic golf set, sitting on the big swing in the backyard, and trying to grab at their glasses. Casey was most impressed by the funny clicking noises Kay made for her.
More posts to come!!!
p.s. - I have a super cute butt shot of Casey but chickened out in posting it. =)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last weekend as an 8 month old - holding bottle, Aggie outfit, reading, and baby in the mirror!

Holding my bottle.Taking a nap - Daddy's Girl (all over the place)
Reading a book (in my Aggie outfit).
I love this look she is giving.Tasting my high chair...whatever, kid.
She has grown so much!

Shaking my head - "No".

Checking out the baby in the mirror...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Casey's First Art Work

Casey's first art work! This would explain why she came home one day with pink arms!

She might just be the next Picasso! HA HA!

p.s. - I stared at the word "raisons" for like 5 minutes...I think they need to do a spell check next time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A somewhat typical day in the life of Casey Crawford

Below is an account of a semi-normal day for Casey. Mrs. Mary took pictures for me today. When I go back to work, I will get her up at 615 am and have her at day care by 630am. Mrs. Mary (LOVE HER) gives Casey her bottle while I sneak out the door. This week, since I am in no rush to get to school, Casey has her bottle on the couch when she gets up between 630-7am and we stroll into dar care between 730 and 8am. I go back to work tomorrow so the routine is set to change. Casey and Mrs. Mary
Casey is an excellent eater. Today she had a 4oz jar of beechnut Cinnamon Raisin Granola at 8am.
Casey loves to eat!!!
Next they go on a little ride to go play. Casey is actually 1 month older than the little girl in front of her. This picture cracks me up!
I don't know if they have tummy time before nap or they go on their little trip before nap. I will just guess that they go on their little trip before nap time.

Doesn't Casey look so excited?!?!

Casey and Erin playing.

Casey napping in her crib. Her first nap is at about 930am and the second one about 1:30pm. She has a bottle right before nap time and then another one after her second nap anywhere between 245pm and 330pm.

For lunch at about 1145am, Casey generally has one Gerber stage 2 veggie (3.5 oz) and one Gerber stage 1 fruit (2.5 oz). Yeah, she is too old for stage 1, but it is the perfect size. Yes, she eats every last bite! Today she had Squash and Pears.

Casey up and playing.

Casey back home and playing in her chair.

Reading the Sunday Paper - Sept 21

While I TRY to read the Sunday paper, Casey likes to shop the store ads (aka - tear them up and try to eat them)...

Thank you JCPenny for making a sturdy store ad.

Looking through pictures...

While I am procrastinating (boycotting cleaning the guest bedroom/Andy's study spot), I looked through our pictures folder on the computer. Here are a few older pictures I found...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

IKE - Post 2

The tree that ate my Aunt Connie's car.

View from the street.
Our local HEB.
The first night was absolutely miserable. We were so lucky that Andy's friend Rick's wife gave us a battery-powered fan for Casey. The house was 84 degrees that night. I slept on the floor by her crib. Well, I would say that I slept. I couldn't sleep with all the sweat dripping off me. Andy slept in his work truck. I was so worried about her in the heat, considering how sick she was for several days.
Casey spent most of Saturday and Sunday in her diaper. Sunday night we stayed at Rick's house. It was so nice to be in the AC. Andy stayed at home guarding the house. The THIEF has moved back home with his mom...everyone keep an eye on your property! Long story.

More posts to come...

IKE - Post 1

The camera charger was in hiding, so I am just not posting about Ike.

We lost power Saturday morning (Sept. 13) at 12:09am. It flickered for most of the night on Friday. Andy's idiot friend/supervisor called and told Andy he would lose power before the night was through. Sure enough, we lost power 2 seconds after he made the comment. THANKS!

Luckily, Casey was fast asleep by the time the storm hit. She had been so sick the few days before the storm that she slept 12 hours that night. I was sick Friday morning and spent the entire day on teh couch watching the news.

The house shook like crazy. It was weird. Since I was so sick, I pretty much slept through the entire thing. Andy got up every 2 hours to go check on things. The pictures ABOVE are of Casey sitting on the front porch with Andy Saturday morning. She loves being outside! The house began to get pretty warm on Saturday, so this was one of many naps Casey took naked!

The section of fence we own. It was looking pretty rough anyway!

Looking into our neighbor's yard...their fence.

We are so proud of this little section of fence. Andy and I built it not long after we bought the house. We are so proud that it is still standing! Oh, the water is from the little trench Andy built so that our backyard would not flood!

Our neighbors 2 doors down. The tree landed on the house, but I don't think it did any real damage. It looks pretty bad though!

My sister-in-law's dog checking out the neighbor's yard. We have had a tough time keeping our dog, Dixie, out of the neighbor's yard now there there is no fence!

*** So, no damage to our house or garage and no flooding. We are so lucky! We had power out for 7 days, but we lived. I will post more later!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


We finally have power! YAY!

I have a ton to post about and will hopefully get pictures from Kay next week. Tons of firsts these past few days. Hope everyone is safe!

p.s. - Happy Birthday Dee!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Casey's First Hurricane and "Mama" Video

Andy decorated the plywood...

Casey said "Ma Ma" for the first time today. Since Casey gave me the stomach flu, this makes me feel a little better.