Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Steps and a big Surprise!

I have no pics today...

1. Casey took 6 steps yesterday.

2. Her grandma came for a visit. Casey liked eating part of her fish sandwich.

3. Casey pooped in the tub. pictures!

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Casey's cute outfit and dinner with "Aunt Kristi"

Aunt Kristi, my BFF and Casey's Godmother, bought her this super cute skirt and leggings from Target. I picket up that little shirt from Wal-Mart for like $3.50. It might have been $4 but I doubt it. I love Garanimals. We all met for dinner at Dos Mas in Clear Lake....MMMM love Dos Mas. Casey was getting a little irritated so Kristi handed over her tic-tac box. Kristi's trick always works!

Sleeping again (3/18) and standing for the FIRST time (3/19)

Napping again with Daddy on 3/18.

Casey stood up for the 1st time on March 19th. So, the story about the damned duck tub. We bought it because our friend Meredith son, Luke, LOVED it. Casey was TERRIFIED of it when it was filled with water but it was safe in her room filled with toys. I think she tried to start standing in it for the first time since when she fell down, her butt hit the side walls and it didn't hurt. Anyone that his been around Casey knows she is a really "scaredy cat" which I don't mind!
I hope we can get her on video pretty soon.

New Car Seat and Napping with Daddy

Eventhough Casey isn't 20 pounds yet, we thought it was time for a big girl car seat.

What does Casey love to do...sleep with Daddy. March 2009

Not much has changed - January 2008.
Man has she grown!

Casey playing with Dixie - 3/16/09

At home playing with (harrassing) Dixie. She loves to
grab her dog tag and Dixie very patiently tolerates it.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I have not posted in ages. Go to my friend Meredith's page (listed under Luke) to see pictures of Casey and Luke at Monkey'N Around. Lots of fun!

Casey was sick most of spring break. She was better during the day, but always congested at night. She had an ear infection in both ears. No fun.

Oh, and she is standing now! I will post pictures soon.

New words -


She now points at Dixie and says DOG on her own and also does the same with her Pacifier (nummy) and with her diaper (Diapee).

Cool beans!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Words, words, words...

Yellow, baby, and daddy are still her favorite words.

New words include:

diapee (what Andy calls a diaper)

Even better is when she finishes her food, she peeks in the empty jar and (on her own) says, "All gone" and puts her hands in the air.

So,she can SAY "walk", but no signs of interest in walking (unassisted) just yet.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday PawPaw

My Paw Paw turned 90 the last week in February. They threw a big bash for him in Texas City. Casey was kind of sick, well those red bumps which I think was just a heat rash. The place was packed! Here are just a few pictures I took.

Casey finally has her 2 top teeth - teeth number 3 and 4.

Yes, I am weeks behind on posting! Her top two teeth are in. I think we took this picture about 2 weeks ago. Now, Casey has 4 teeth!

Lauryn's Birthday Party

Casey's friend Lauryn celebrated her birthday the last Saturday in February. Lauryn and Casey are in the same class at Grace. Isn't her cake just so cute?!?!