Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sleeping again (3/18) and standing for the FIRST time (3/19)

Napping again with Daddy on 3/18.

Casey stood up for the 1st time on March 19th. So, the story about the damned duck tub. We bought it because our friend Meredith son, Luke, LOVED it. Casey was TERRIFIED of it when it was filled with water but it was safe in her room filled with toys. I think she tried to start standing in it for the first time since when she fell down, her butt hit the side walls and it didn't hurt. Anyone that his been around Casey knows she is a really "scaredy cat" which I don't mind!
I hope we can get her on video pretty soon.

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David, Meredith, and Luke said...

We had to throw our duck away, 'cause it kept deflating. :0( Way to go Casey!!