Friday, August 28, 2009

Just walked in Casey's Room to check on her 8-28-09

I just took this picture 2 minutes ago (like around 945pm)...Her sleeping positions crack me. While this pic is NOT attractive, I think it is funny. The yellow you see under her arm is her Bunny. She is ALL over the place, just like her daddy!

I made it through my first week of school. My classes are great! I am happy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Tuesday night Casey went "you know what" in the potty. I did take staged pics after the fact just to have something in her scrapbook. I will try to post those pretend photos sometime...I am not going to post those kind of pics online! I was proud...Casey was like who cares.

That's all...posting will have to wait until the weekend. Things are too nuts during the week!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Last day at home with Mommy...funny pics

So, today was Casey's last day home with Mommy. We normally go to the gym everyday and she is watched by 2 lovely girls, Beth and Ingrid. Beth is in the picture...she is 8 months pregnant and will have a little boy at some point in September. Casey usually sits on her lap for awhile and they color. Beth got a little teary when we left...I would play it off on the hormones if I were her! Going to the gym has been easy with those two girls taking care of her.

Incase you thought I was making this up, I wanted to show proof of Casey's obsession with "Zeba" and "Money" know them as Zebra and Bunny. Not sure how she can say the B in Zebra, but not the B in Bunny. Whatever. So Zeba and Money go with us everywhere we go!

Lastly, I just walked in to check on Casey while she was napping. You would think that I didn't need to go in and check on a 19 month old, but I still do! She's my baby! Well, this is what

I found...

p.s. - She is also OBSESSED with "Banket"...unless I can distract her and hide it, "banket" eats breakfast with her every morning (I have to shove it down in the high chair) and she has even dragged it around the gym day care a time or two. Casey LOVES her "lovies"!

Also...Casey WAS wearing a super cute maching pair of shorts this morning before she dumped out the dog bowl and went "swimming"...Casey LOVES swimming...even if it is on the kitchen floor!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girl's Day with Grandma Kay!

Grandma Kay fighting with the box. I swear they must super glue those things shut!

Casey semi-patiently waiting for her new toy!

Casey admiring her new potty and Grandma Kay keeping a firm grip on Casey...Casey loves to scare everyone by standing in the cart, but as she does it she will always tell you
"Sit down Casey".

Grandma Kay took the day off today and we had so much fun! We first went over to visit and Casey went nuts over a jumbo sized vitamin bottle. I am not real sure how we got away with not bringing to eat, but we got lucky! We were going to go to Blackeyed Pea, but Kay mentioned Boudreaux's and I went nuts! I have been dying to go there! It was really good and surprisingly packed for lunch time. We ordered Casey Mac N' Cheese and all she really wanted was the "cookies" (saltine crackers) and to flirt with the people sitting near us. We took Casey to check her diaper and got on the topic of potty training. We were then off to Target! Casey was getting a little fussy, so Kay found her a cute toy. The pictures above are of her trying to open it and Casey patiently waiting. So, I am no pro at what to look for in a potty but Kay has some potty training experience. I was so glad she was there to help. I had considered buying a froggy potty, but it turns out it was for boys and might have been uncomfortable for Casey. She picked out a Princess Potty that plays music as a reward! I am so excited! Casey has passed out in her crib so we will try it out as soon as she gets up!

We had the best day today! It was so special for us to have a girl's day and for Casey to spend time with her Grandma.