Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down at My Mom's for my birthday/memorial weekend party - PART 1

We went down to my mom's for a little swimming, lunch, and my aunt ruby's mississippi mud cake. The food was good, but the water was cold. Casey LOVES the water...I didn't get in, but the rest of the crew did! We let Casey splash around a little. She didn't mind the icy water. She eventually got in...and then we put her suit on (after she was naked, well in her little swimmers, for most of the time). Mom, if you are reading this, thank you for another great birthday party. I hope to have great parties for Casey as you have always had for me! Love you MOM!!!

Thanks Jon, Jamie and Audrey for driving down, and to my Aunt Ruby and Uncle Tommy for the cake! Also, thanks to Mimi and kiddos for the birthday gift and toy for Casey, and to my brother Mark, for the Texans bear for Casey. Lastly, thanks Grammy, Paw Paw, and Mom for another fun birthday!

Napping with Daddy - 5/24/09

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Casey's latest top 10 new discoveries

1. When Wonderpets comes on, she sings, "Ming Ming, too"

2. Her favorite word this morning was "Pancake".

3. WHen I feed her and the TV is off, she points at it and says, "T-B" and then points to remotes and says, "Mote". Our kid is a TV junkie!

4. When the dog starts to bark, she says, "Outside".

5. Casey still only has 6 teeth.

6. Favorite game is still Peek-A-Boo. She puts her hands on her face and says, "Peek-a-book, I see you!"

7. Noah, her first "boyfriend" (not really), has taught her to shove a whole vanilla wafer cookie in her mouth at snack time. Noah has likt 12 teeth and Casey only has 6. Somehow, she does not choke!

8. Everything "gets love". A blanket, a teddy bear, you name is...she says, "Awwww, baby" or "Awww, bear" and holds it tight, puts her head on it, and pats it's back."

9. She is terrified of the 1 inch gap on the side walk...she stops, her legs shake a little and she very carefully tries to inch her foot over the line. She even blinks her eyes in fear. Too funny.

10. I am not sure about number 10...we are going swimming at my mom's today and should come up with something good!

Avery's Birthday Party

My friend Jennifer had a party for her little one. Avery turned two! We had a great time playing with Blake, the son a girl I have known since we were babies. He was so cute! Strange enough, we were due on the same day, but he was a week early and Casey was 3 weeks early. Casey loves Avery's toys and especially her 4 wheeler! She said the word "Elmo" the entire ride home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

utmb galveston

Well, we went down to Galveston for a hearing test. Casey is terrified of the device they use to check ears...when they take it out of their pocket, she screams murder. She just doesn't like it!

She loved the actual hearing test. They had 3 separate animals in little boxes mounted to the wall...like a bunny that moves, a bear that plays the drum, and of'course, the barking/walking dog.

They would turn different ones on to monitor her reaction time. They would also tearn on white noise at different levels to see if she hears them.

SO, all is normal. She has had 3 ear infections since January and if she has had any hearing loss we would be getting tubes this summer...

All is fine so we will just wait and see!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Casey's New Chair

Casey's New Chair. Perfect for lounging, drinking a bottle, watching TV, or chewing on your shoes. HA HA HA!

April Showers

The first big rain storm...and our lake front property.