Monday, June 30, 2008

I wish I had purple pants!

Casey is up from her nap! She is very snotty, but in a great I ran to get the camera!


A visit from the Sleep Fairy

Andy took Casey into the computer room to sing her to sleep at about 745pm last night. He LOVES singing to her and she never complains. She passed out on his chest at about 8pm. The sleep fairy paid her a visit...she slept (in her crib) from 8-10pm, got up and ate, went right back to sleep, and then slept until 515am. I thought she would be up and ready to play...NOPE! She went back to sleep and slept until I got her up at 745am to go see the doc! THANK YOU Sleep Fairy!!!

We went to go see our wonderful baby doc this morning. Since Casey had a ton of sleep, she played in her car seat and was super chatty! I have a stuffy nose and a sinus headache...very sleepy!

So, the doc said she has a little inflammation in her left ear. We are going to go get her prescription for Amoxicillin after she gets up from her nap. Babies crack me up...she has had around 10 hours of sleep and needs a nap at 930!

Right now she is sleeping in her car seat. I usually make the mistake of taking her out and then the cat nap is over!

Thanks for your comments...I will be very happy when the snot stops running out of her nose!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Bad Night - Part 2

Well, after we made it home, her cold seemed to get worse. Casey had the hardest time breathing out of her mouth, since her nose was stuffed up! She was first up at 1245am and then again around 230am and then again around at 458am (did you know they throw our paper at 458am?) and then up for good at 620am.

After I got her back to sleep around 245am, I did some reading online. They said to try to have her sleep at an angle. Luckily, I still have the sleep positioner Bridget bought and the even bigger one that Jennifer L. gave us. So, once I put her at that angle, which is hard on her stomach, she seemed to breathe better. Also, every time she woke up, I squirted a drop or two of saline in her nose...well, maybe not every time, but it really helped.

She is coughing and sneezing a lot.

Last night, I almost died laughing. At 230am, I really had to change her diaper. She flipped over on her stomach and went to sleep...ON THE CHANGING TABLE! Yes, the kid was snoring on the changing table! It was really cute. So, I changed her diaper backwards. Don't ask me where I taped the tabs!

Normally she hates the bulb syringe, but this morning she didn't put up a terrible fight! Poor baby! I just gave her 4 ounces of diluted apple juice and she is in the other room talking to the animals on the Noggin Channel. Thank GOD for the Noggin Channel!

Even though she feels absolutely terrible, she still flashes me a smile every time I walk by. =)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yes, tonight we were THAT couple with a screaming child!

Tonight was VERY bad. My best friend since the 1st grade had an awesome birthday party planned at Cafe Adobe. We knew that the best idea would be to leave Andy at home with the baby since she had a bad cold. She seemed happy enough, had no fever, and Kristi really wanted to see her.

You guessed it...she screamed the entire time. In between coughs and sneezes and plenty of tears, Andy took her outside to distract her. She just can't handle large restaurants and tons of lights just yet. She LOVED being oustide!

When I could hear her screaming from the restroom I realized that we were THAT couple...the one with a screaming baby that probably ruined several dinner dates.

I had a hard time NOT crying the whole way home. I held it all in...Andy took the majority the fussing. If he had complained on the way home, I totally would have lost it! Well, we have learned our lesson!

She is passed out asleep...I hope she wakes up happy tomorrow and with a cold that is getting better! No more coughing and sneezing...PLEASE!!!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Casey's first cold...cough cough achoo

Casey has her first cold. I have been taking her temperature and feeding her apple juice. Apple juice is supposed to help with the hacking. We bought baby vicks vaporub for the congestion and shmeared (yes, that is a word, i think) it on her front, back, and feet. Andy also bought her a humidifer. Luckily, she is set to go to the doc next week for her 6 month shots...if things don't clear up, we may have to schedule two visits! Andy thinks she has her daddy's allergies...she has been sneezing quite a bit. We changed the air filter and I am going to open the windows and vacuum every room (twice if I need to)!

Eventhough she is snotty and has a sore throat, Daddy can still get a smile out of her! Seriously, she has not been terrible! I hope this cold will hit the road pretty soon! She may just have allergies!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Casey's first play date (with a handsome little man)!

We went out in the rain to see Alyssa and Carter today. Carter is younger than Casey, but much bigger! He is sure to be a VERY tall boy! His legs are so long!

Casey was amazed by his cool toys. I was glad that she didn't chew (and slobber) on everything! She was very tired since she missed her afternoon nap. Even when she was pooped out, she didn't cry! YAY!!! This was Casey's first time around a baby her age...they were really checking each other out. I think Casey liked the stripes in his onesie. I am very glad she didn't try to eat his shirt! I think that if we had not paid close attention to them, she might have given his shirt a taste. Oh, and did I say how glad I am that she didn't drool all over his toys?

Any who, we loved our first play date and hope to have another before things get busy in August!

Enjoy the pictures of Carter and Casey...and one of Casey worn out from having so much fun!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sitting up...well, trying to.

I have been trying to get Casey to learn to sit up.

The problem is that she sees her feet and then the lesson is over!

Here she is on the couch after her walk with dad. As you can see, she is going for her feet. Casey has abandoned sucking on her hands. I don't know what feet taste like, but hers must be very tasty!
p.s. - Yes, her hat looks silly flipped up, but you can't see her face otherwise!


We went to my mom's house today to give the pool a try. We had to stop at Academy on the way down to buy a swim suit. I am not sure how many times I will use it, and what is the point of spending money on a fat suit?!?!

Casey did great! Her swim suit came with a cute bikini top. She had no patience for putting on the bikini top, so a t-shirt will have to do. We stayed in the pool for about 30 minutes. She did great!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day Part 2

For Father's Day, we went down to my grandma's house. We had dinner (lasagna, salad, and garlic bread as always) and Casey played with my mom. She was REALLY good! IT is so nice that she is getting older and isn't so cranky all the time with my family!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Casey and Andy and the boys

My sister's boys stayed with us this week. They were really helpful with Casey. The oldest, Kenneth, was so funny...when Casey started to cry, he would come running with a pacifier!

Also, Andy took Casey on a little walk down the street. Our neighbor's dog, Abby, scared Casey, so they came home pretty quick.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy FIRST Father's Day to a super great DADDY and HUSBAND!

Yesterday, super hubby and his brother-in-law had to replace the toilet in the hall bathroom. Seriously, how many of you can say your hubby can replace a toilet? My knight in shining armor...ha ha ha!

So, the pictures above are of Casey in her little bouncer chair. She is NOT cool with her feet dangling, so we put a couple pillows under her rear, like Sharon did at her house.

For Father's Day, Casey gave her dad a card and took a nap with him. She is currently in the other room giving him an ear full.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Casey playing in her crib (with mom's help)

Well, Casey is no longer at Sharon's and mom has her for the summer. I will really miss Sharon!

Here is Casey in her crib, being silly...

Casey's 5 month mug shots

Casey went to her first ever baby shower on June 7th. I was very nervous that she would ruin Sabrina's baby shower, but she was great! She didn't puke on Elizabeth's very nice couches and she let Angie hold her several times! YAY!!!

Pictures from my 30th SURPRISE birthday party!

SO, I really had no clue! I thought we were going to my grandma's house for dinner. My best friend and husband were SOOO sneaky! It was a great party and an awesome birthday surprise!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Having Problems Sleeping

Casey is 5 months old now and sleep is becoming a problem. I can usually get her to sleep, but then I come in 5 minutes later to find her fast at work at her new bedtime routine.


p.s. - She is now 12 pounds at 9 ounces!

We are starting to supplement formula this week...wish us luck!