Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pop Rocks and Bubble Wrap - Seriously

So, you heard me right...pop rocks and bubble wrap. My husband and I live in Harris County but are technically not in the city of Houston. Why is this important? If you are lucky enough, like our little 10 block neighborhood, you can pop fireworks...legally. sounds like you are eating pop rocks and popping bubble wrap. Our whole living room is lit up and if you walk outside, you can see fireworks in every direction you look...only because it is legal, people will go nuts all night long.
The picture is of our little angel...Happy New Year Miss Casey! She will be 1 year old in 2 days! SOOO nuts! We went to our Cousin Robert and Karen's house this was so weird to think that this time last year I was ready to pop, had my bags packed for my induction date and was ready to go be a mom. It went by so fast!
Happy New Year everyone!
p.s. - Pink gets a little old, so I just couldn't pass up the Carter's ducks pajamas...and they have ducks on the feet too! Even cuter...she is snoring through the fireworks! We will be lucky if they stop by 3am! It is still exciting to live in the big fat middle of a fireworks display.

Monday, December 22, 2008 is the time to put up my old, silly pictures!

SO, I don't know how old I was in the picture on top...I think probably 3 -we are 14 months apart. In the picture on bottom, my mom wrote on the back, "May 25, 1979" which means I was 1 year old that very day. Yeah, I look nothing like my mom! HA HA!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Like father like daughter...

Yeah...she looks nothing like her daddy.

SOOOO stinking cute!

Ok, so I know you think your kid is the cutest on the planet, but I think my kid could give you a run for your money! HA HA HA! Like most moms, we just think our kid is the cutest! Not my is in our chromosomes!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost a Year Old...

So, with about 2 weeks before her birthday, I will share a few of Casey's favorite funny things.

1. Taking the top off her her puffs container and then trying to stuff them all in her face before I can take them away.
2. Drinking from her sippy cup and spitting the water and laughing.
3. Using her car seat as a boat/see-saw/rocking chair.
4. Wedging herself between the couch and the baby gate to escape her baby prison.
5. Trying to catch the Dixie's tail.
6. Slapping/playing with dad's face.
7. Splashing in her bath tub.
8. Rolling around in her ball pit. When not in her ball pit, she likes to kick at the balls.
9. Throwing her diaper off her changing table...not the one that is dirty or the one she is changing into. Yes, she loves that game where she drops it, you pick it up, and then she throws it back down and laughs.
10. Squealing as loud as she can just to hear herself sqeal...and squealing/giving kisses to the baby in the mirror.

What funny things do your little one(s) do?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Casey and Santa Jeff

Andy's softball buddy grows out his beard, dyes it, and is Santa for a week or so. Things obviously started out pretty rough. She had a great time once she settled down...more pics to come. This one is my favorite!

Let it SNOW!!!

Let it SNOW!!!

Walking around...

Casey loves her walker. She likes to bump into things and laugh. Yes, I know that she doesn't match...she tends to make a "mess" in her matching clothes. =)

Audrey's party and Casey's new best friend - Cousin Jody

Casey playing with Adam.
Casey sat with Jody for over 30 minutes. I think she has a new friend...she REALLY loves Jody's girlfriend, Cheri...she gave Casey ice cream! They are now friends for life!

Jody, Cheri and Casey

Andy, Casey and Aunt Connie

Sharon and Casey - Sharon watched (raised and loved) Casey from 6 weeks to 5 months.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Fry

The night before Thanksgiving we usually go to our friends Steve and Michelle's house to fry turkeys. This year, my nephews stayed with us, and as usual, Casey LOVES playing with Marshall's toys! Andy also took the boys bowling...picture of Jared bowling and Kenny learning how to get the turkey ready.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lily's Birthday Party and Video of Casey Swinging for the First Time!

Casey and the birthday girl!

Playing with Marshall's toys!

Hnaging out in the swing!

Yes, we somehow made it to two parties on Saturday!
This was Casey's First time on the swing and her first time with the walker!

So, do you think Casey likes to hear herself squeal???

Brynn's First Birthday Party 11/22/08

Casey and Harrison

Always chewing on something!


Brynn playing in her birthday cake!

Ok, so I posted the same picture twice. =)

Brynn playing in her cake!

All the moms and babies!

Handsome little devil!

Thanksgiving at Casey's Day Care 11/21/08

No, he didn't really shove in an entire fork full of turkey!

Casey loves playing with Andy's hat and sunglasses.

Casey's day care had a little Thanksgiving lunch for parents and kids on Friday. The food was really, really good! They catered from a restaurant I have heard good things about, but had never been! Casey tried the sweet potatoes and the dressing.

The first Cold Day and Casey's First Pair of Shoes

Ok, so get ready for the blogasaurus...
Post #1
We rarely have super cold days. Here are pics of Casey all bundled up. Here are also pictures of Casey in her first pair of shoes. I had the hardest time finding ones that fit!
All pictures taken 11/16/08

Thanks, Blaire B. for this super cute outfit!!