Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost a Year Old...

So, with about 2 weeks before her birthday, I will share a few of Casey's favorite funny things.

1. Taking the top off her her puffs container and then trying to stuff them all in her face before I can take them away.
2. Drinking from her sippy cup and spitting the water and laughing.
3. Using her car seat as a boat/see-saw/rocking chair.
4. Wedging herself between the couch and the baby gate to escape her baby prison.
5. Trying to catch the Dixie's tail.
6. Slapping/playing with dad's face.
7. Splashing in her bath tub.
8. Rolling around in her ball pit. When not in her ball pit, she likes to kick at the balls.
9. Throwing her diaper off her changing table...not the one that is dirty or the one she is changing into. Yes, she loves that game where she drops it, you pick it up, and then she throws it back down and laughs.
10. Squealing as loud as she can just to hear herself sqeal...and squealing/giving kisses to the baby in the mirror.

What funny things do your little one(s) do?

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Alyssa said...

Already has a sense of humor! I don't know if Carter tries to be funny yet. He loves to make animal sounds- cow, roar, and car vroom sounds. He likes to play hide and seek with the highchair tray, tilt his head to the side with a loving gaze and then switch sides when you mimic him. To me, the funniest thing is how proud he gets and the squeals he makes when he turns on and off a light or when he balances. He also loves to drink his applesauce. (I was desperate to get him to eat one day and he loved it)