Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pop Rocks and Bubble Wrap - Seriously

So, you heard me right...pop rocks and bubble wrap. My husband and I live in Harris County but are technically not in the city of Houston. Why is this important? If you are lucky enough, like our little 10 block neighborhood, you can pop fireworks...legally. sounds like you are eating pop rocks and popping bubble wrap. Our whole living room is lit up and if you walk outside, you can see fireworks in every direction you look...only because it is legal, people will go nuts all night long.
The picture is of our little angel...Happy New Year Miss Casey! She will be 1 year old in 2 days! SOOO nuts! We went to our Cousin Robert and Karen's house this was so weird to think that this time last year I was ready to pop, had my bags packed for my induction date and was ready to go be a mom. It went by so fast!
Happy New Year everyone!
p.s. - Pink gets a little old, so I just couldn't pass up the Carter's ducks pajamas...and they have ducks on the feet too! Even cuter...she is snoring through the fireworks! We will be lucky if they stop by 3am! It is still exciting to live in the big fat middle of a fireworks display.


stacy said...

My mom got the twins the exact same PJ's except in newborn size! I absolutely love the duck feet! I can't wait to get my girls in them. Mom wouldn't get the frog ones because she said they were for boys...I'll just have to get them when I get out here!! I can't believe she slept through the fireworks! I was in bed by 11pm...can we say exhausted :)

David, Meredith, and Luke said...

Luke slept through the festivities as well. I'm pretty sure our neighbors aren't permitted to shoot off fireworks, but they do anyway. ;)