Monday, May 31, 2010

Andy's Ring Ceremony - may 6th

Andy was given his college ring on May 6th. I was very proud of him. I won't share with you the details about the disaster that day was (and how much Andy was in the dog house)...but we made it in one piece. Casey lost per patience pretty soon after the ceremony, so that is always fun.

Go Coogs!

I know...finally

32 Years old...ugh. Well, on May 25th, I turned 32. To celebrate, we went down to my mom's house and went swimming. I LOVE summer...swim, swim, swim! Casey loves the water. I hope we can get her into some swimming classes this summer, if I can get my butt in gear! We are supposed to head over there today, Memorial Day, to swim with family and friends. YAY!

I guess I will update a little bit more since the pics are taking forever to download... the school year is over in 1 week and then I am teaching summer school until July 1st. I am hoping to buy a new car after that pay check comes in. Andy is taking a class this summer and should graduate in December if he can pass spanish. Easier said than done. Yesterday, we went to my great aunt's funeral. I am very, very sad about my grandmother losing her sister of over 80 years and her best friend. Aunt Annie was the best...hands down.