Monday, May 31, 2010

I know...finally

32 Years old...ugh. Well, on May 25th, I turned 32. To celebrate, we went down to my mom's house and went swimming. I LOVE summer...swim, swim, swim! Casey loves the water. I hope we can get her into some swimming classes this summer, if I can get my butt in gear! We are supposed to head over there today, Memorial Day, to swim with family and friends. YAY!

I guess I will update a little bit more since the pics are taking forever to download... the school year is over in 1 week and then I am teaching summer school until July 1st. I am hoping to buy a new car after that pay check comes in. Andy is taking a class this summer and should graduate in December if he can pass spanish. Easier said than done. Yesterday, we went to my great aunt's funeral. I am very, very sad about my grandmother losing her sister of over 80 years and her best friend. Aunt Annie was the best...hands down.

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