Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lily's Birthday Party and Video of Casey Swinging for the First Time!

Casey and the birthday girl!

Playing with Marshall's toys!

Hnaging out in the swing!

Yes, we somehow made it to two parties on Saturday!
This was Casey's First time on the swing and her first time with the walker!

So, do you think Casey likes to hear herself squeal???

Brynn's First Birthday Party 11/22/08

Casey and Harrison

Always chewing on something!


Brynn playing in her birthday cake!

Ok, so I posted the same picture twice. =)

Brynn playing in her cake!

All the moms and babies!

Handsome little devil!

Thanksgiving at Casey's Day Care 11/21/08

No, he didn't really shove in an entire fork full of turkey!

Casey loves playing with Andy's hat and sunglasses.

Casey's day care had a little Thanksgiving lunch for parents and kids on Friday. The food was really, really good! They catered from a restaurant I have heard good things about, but had never been! Casey tried the sweet potatoes and the dressing.

The first Cold Day and Casey's First Pair of Shoes

Ok, so get ready for the blogasaurus...
Post #1
We rarely have super cold days. Here are pics of Casey all bundled up. Here are also pictures of Casey in her first pair of shoes. I had the hardest time finding ones that fit!
All pictures taken 11/16/08

Thanks, Blaire B. for this super cute outfit!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Casey and Computer

The computer works! We have loved sitting with Casey in front of the computer as she sqeals watching the baby on the screen. I really think she knows it is her...when she sees or hears us in the video, she looks back at us. It is cute!

Casey has given up her night nap. It is nice to put her down at 8pm, BUT she is starting to wake up at 545am. I have been running wild in the morning to get everything ready. If I leave her awake in there for too long, she will start to fuss! Tonight I think I am going to put her down at 815 or to try to keep that baby awake!

I am posting old pictures tonight...just incase we lose them! That, and I think you guys will enjoy the laugh!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Casey update, shoes, napping, and birthday

Casey is almost 10 1/2 months old. As I was talking to Meredith and my Aunt Ruby I was thinking, where has the time gone???

I can't find the cord to hook up the camera to show you Casey's new shoes...well, her first pair. I have had an impossible time finding shoes that are small enough. I lucked out today and found a size 0-3 months pair of shoes at Kohl's. It was the only pair. She really likes them. Her feet are so tiny!

Napping...yeah, we are engaged in WWIII at our house over the nap situation. See, she loves the way Mary at Grace puts her to sleep...not so much what mom does. She has gone through long 5 hour stretches with no nap, UNTIL we are lucky enough to do something that makes her happy. If not, she just wants to play and is cranky. I think I figured it out today and we will hopefully be fine going forward.

So, I ordered Casey's birthday invitations today. Let me tell you that this dummy ordered her invitations that said JANUARY 3, 2008! Luckily, they give you 30 minutes to cancel. DUH, her birthday is in 2009!!!

Speaking of growing and getting teeth...Carter and Luke are moving right along, yet Casey is in no rush. She has 2 teeth on bottom with no signs of any friends coming to join her. HA HA! That's our kiddo!!!

That's all really...home computer still broken...=(

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picture Day

Casey on her first picture day - Nov. 6th

Monday, November 3, 2008



Sunday, November 2, 2008

Casey finally well and Halloween!

Zonked out the night before Halloween...

playing with my halloween bucket

casey and mommy before trick or treating...I love my new orange sweater.

Casey played with the popcorn ball she received trick or treating all night!

Drinking my bottle at day care (630am).

"Guess whooo's First Halloween?" Her pajamas had ghosts and candy corn on them.

YAY...about to leave home for my first day back at day care!!!
Casey was sent home from day care on Tuesday with a high fever. I took her to the doc and her fever was down to a 99. Her fever was really high for the next two days. We were lucky enough to have Jennifer stay with Casey during the mornings on Wednesay and Thursday. Thursday afternoon she went to play at Ruby and Tommy's house. The nurse called Thursday and said that if her temp was over 100.4 that I needed to get her into the UTMB pediatrics night clinic WAY down near Clear Creek HS. It took FOREVER to get there from my Aunt and Uncle's house in LaPorte! Her fever was a 101.7, but by the time we arrived at the clinic she was playing and being super silly. Her temp was miraculously down to a 99.2. Well, so we wasted several hours that night but she has been fine since!

These pictures are from Halloween. She slept in the outfit Kristi bought her. Mary took pictures of her at day care. After work, we considered taking her to visit a few relatives homes to trick or treat, but we couldn't reach anyone. We went to two homes on the street and then she went to bed. We figured that since this was her first day without a fever that we probably shouldn't go nuts.