Thursday, November 20, 2008

Casey and Computer

The computer works! We have loved sitting with Casey in front of the computer as she sqeals watching the baby on the screen. I really think she knows it is her...when she sees or hears us in the video, she looks back at us. It is cute!

Casey has given up her night nap. It is nice to put her down at 8pm, BUT she is starting to wake up at 545am. I have been running wild in the morning to get everything ready. If I leave her awake in there for too long, she will start to fuss! Tonight I think I am going to put her down at 815 or to try to keep that baby awake!

I am posting old pictures tonight...just incase we lose them! That, and I think you guys will enjoy the laugh!


Alyssa said...

Yay! I'm glad you're in the loop again.

Carter goes to bed at 8 and also wakes up at 5:45. It's rough, but I like him going down at 8 so I can have an hour to unwind.

If you are not busy next week, I would love to get together.

Jackie and Andy said...

Last night I put her down at 830pm and she was still up at 545am. I think she hears me moving around. Atleast she doesn't fuss. On the weekends, she does sleep until about 630am. =)

Well, the kiddo is going to daycare on Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday for atleast half the day. If I have to pay for a full week fo day care, the kiddo is going so that I can get a lot of work done around the house. She loves day care so much!

Today was her Thanksgiving celebration. Basically, all the parents ate and the kids sampled here and there. Casey liked tolerated the sweet potatoes and stuffing. She is not used to food with FLAVOR! Damned baby food jars! She loves them so much! In time she will see the light!

Yes, we definately need to work something out this week!

Alyssa said...

Well, at least you get to catch up on your sleep on the weekends :) My body clock wakes me up at 5 irregardless of whether Carter wakes up then or not. Today he started crying at 4am and soothed himself back to sleep, but I woke up from the noise.

Carter is the same with waking up due to his hearing us moving around in the morning. His ears are definitely working.

I don't have my mother in law this week and Damian used up all his vacay time being sick so I am not going to get anything done around the house - oh well, but I will get to catch up on seeing friends and hopefully we can arrange something.

Casey will definitely see the light with food. They all do. I would savor the last few months of just having to open a jar and have food ready. I am dreading having to cook kid-friendly meals. They are soooo darn finicky!

Carter started baby food chicken this week- nasty!! But he ate it. I swear it's cat food in disguise. Willie was all over it as soon as we opened the jar.

Jackie and Andy said...

That meat in a jar is disgusting! I gave it to Casey once and that was it. She likes the stage 2 dinners. They have meat, or the label claims there is meat in it, so who cares. I am moving her up to stage 3 breakfast this week. A really good friend helped me out with a big money saving tip. She has 2 kids. Her youngest is 2 months older than Casey. She buys the large sized unsweetened applesause and fills up the glass jars with it. The large apllesause was not even 2 dollars. I probably just saved $20 in baby food.

Lindsey said...

Good luck with sleep! Casey is the most beautiful little girl! I can't wait to see more pictures soon.