Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yes, tonight we were THAT couple with a screaming child!

Tonight was VERY bad. My best friend since the 1st grade had an awesome birthday party planned at Cafe Adobe. We knew that the best idea would be to leave Andy at home with the baby since she had a bad cold. She seemed happy enough, had no fever, and Kristi really wanted to see her.

You guessed it...she screamed the entire time. In between coughs and sneezes and plenty of tears, Andy took her outside to distract her. She just can't handle large restaurants and tons of lights just yet. She LOVED being oustide!

When I could hear her screaming from the restroom I realized that we were THAT couple...the one with a screaming baby that probably ruined several dinner dates.

I had a hard time NOT crying the whole way home. I held it all in...Andy took the majority the fussing. If he had complained on the way home, I totally would have lost it! Well, we have learned our lesson!

She is passed out asleep...I hope she wakes up happy tomorrow and with a cold that is getting better! No more coughing and sneezing...PLEASE!!!



Michelle said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad night. When Ethan was young, we couldn't go anywhere. He was just awful the whole time. We actually went out to dinner last night too & I was terrified to even think about what could happen. But it went really well. We went to Cool River with the whole family for my MIL's birthday. The boys behaved the entire time, until Erik's mom decided to pick Ethan up (while we were waiting for the check & all that) & they started playing & being really loud. Then she gave him & Evan (who she had moved to sit by her during dessert) spoons & showed them to bang them on the table. Erik told her to stop & she wouldn't listen until he got up & took them away. He was like look, this what we're trying to teach them NOT to do. Don't worry though, Casey'll get better. She probably just didn't feel good & got a little overstimulated. The only other thing I can say is, the next time you need to take her to a restaurant, make sure it's early. We had the hardest time with Ethan when he was young because his mom kept scheduling dinner for 7 without reservations & we'd have to wait & find ways to keep him occupied which only works for so long. Then by the time you sit down to eat, the kid is done.

Jackie and Andy said...

Thanks, Michelle!

It was Kristi Ervin's 30th birthday party. She is Casey's godmother and really wanted her to be there. We dashed out super fast after we inhaled our dinner at almost 10pm. It really was too late for Casey. She is only 6 months old! We can take her places like Luby's and sit by the window...she is just fine if you put her by a window!

What really irritated me was when she fuses like that, people comment on how she is just spoiled...sorry for picking up my child to try to prevent her from ruining EVERYONE'S dinner! Whatever!

She is finally napping...YES!!!