Friday, June 27, 2008

Casey's first cold...cough cough achoo

Casey has her first cold. I have been taking her temperature and feeding her apple juice. Apple juice is supposed to help with the hacking. We bought baby vicks vaporub for the congestion and shmeared (yes, that is a word, i think) it on her front, back, and feet. Andy also bought her a humidifer. Luckily, she is set to go to the doc next week for her 6 month shots...if things don't clear up, we may have to schedule two visits! Andy thinks she has her daddy's allergies...she has been sneezing quite a bit. We changed the air filter and I am going to open the windows and vacuum every room (twice if I need to)!

Eventhough she is snotty and has a sore throat, Daddy can still get a smile out of her! Seriously, she has not been terrible! I hope this cold will hit the road pretty soon! She may just have allergies!

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