Saturday, June 7, 2008

Having Problems Sleeping

Casey is 5 months old now and sleep is becoming a problem. I can usually get her to sleep, but then I come in 5 minutes later to find her fast at work at her new bedtime routine.


p.s. - She is now 12 pounds at 9 ounces!

We are starting to supplement formula this week...wish us luck!


Michelle said...

Eh, don't worry too much. I think all babies do the foot thing at some point. Gross was my 3 year old doing it tonight. I smacked his arm when I caught him. Just be glad she's happy enough to play by herself in bed, she'll probably just go to sleep on her own if you leave her.

Jackie and Andy said...

Thanks! She is a real hoot!

DO you think you will have more than 2 kiddos?