Thursday, June 26, 2008

Casey's first play date (with a handsome little man)!

We went out in the rain to see Alyssa and Carter today. Carter is younger than Casey, but much bigger! He is sure to be a VERY tall boy! His legs are so long!

Casey was amazed by his cool toys. I was glad that she didn't chew (and slobber) on everything! She was very tired since she missed her afternoon nap. Even when she was pooped out, she didn't cry! YAY!!! This was Casey's first time around a baby her age...they were really checking each other out. I think Casey liked the stripes in his onesie. I am very glad she didn't try to eat his shirt! I think that if we had not paid close attention to them, she might have given his shirt a taste. Oh, and did I say how glad I am that she didn't drool all over his toys?

Any who, we loved our first play date and hope to have another before things get busy in August!

Enjoy the pictures of Carter and Casey...and one of Casey worn out from having so much fun!

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R.J. & Heather said...

Oh my gosh! The picture of her sacked out in the crib is the best! Ha! What a great photo!