Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Bad Night - Part 2

Well, after we made it home, her cold seemed to get worse. Casey had the hardest time breathing out of her mouth, since her nose was stuffed up! She was first up at 1245am and then again around 230am and then again around at 458am (did you know they throw our paper at 458am?) and then up for good at 620am.

After I got her back to sleep around 245am, I did some reading online. They said to try to have her sleep at an angle. Luckily, I still have the sleep positioner Bridget bought and the even bigger one that Jennifer L. gave us. So, once I put her at that angle, which is hard on her stomach, she seemed to breathe better. Also, every time she woke up, I squirted a drop or two of saline in her nose...well, maybe not every time, but it really helped.

She is coughing and sneezing a lot.

Last night, I almost died laughing. At 230am, I really had to change her diaper. She flipped over on her stomach and went to sleep...ON THE CHANGING TABLE! Yes, the kid was snoring on the changing table! It was really cute. So, I changed her diaper backwards. Don't ask me where I taped the tabs!

Normally she hates the bulb syringe, but this morning she didn't put up a terrible fight! Poor baby! I just gave her 4 ounces of diluted apple juice and she is in the other room talking to the animals on the Noggin Channel. Thank GOD for the Noggin Channel!

Even though she feels absolutely terrible, she still flashes me a smile every time I walk by. =)


R.J. & Heather said...

Oh dear! Poor Caseymister! Colds are evil aren't they?!? We have ALL been there. The lack of sleep reminds me of when they were first newborns. I have a nose frieda and swear by it! It's better than the bulb, gets more gunk out of the nose. Sounds like you know all my other tricks -- vicks on the feet, sleeping at an angle, and the humidifier. Good luck with everything!

Alyssa said...

Poor baby! And poor you! I know it's hard to watch her suffer like that. I hope it clears up soon!

Jackie and Andy said...

Heather and Alyssa -

It is tough watching her struggle to breathe, however, I can really hear her in the baby monitor now! Kidding...not funny!

She tollerates the bulb, but I am curious about this nose frieda!

The funny things it that she has been very playful the last could of day, but when she gets upset, the hacking starts...that is hard to listen to!