Sunday, September 21, 2008

IKE - Post 1

The camera charger was in hiding, so I am just not posting about Ike.

We lost power Saturday morning (Sept. 13) at 12:09am. It flickered for most of the night on Friday. Andy's idiot friend/supervisor called and told Andy he would lose power before the night was through. Sure enough, we lost power 2 seconds after he made the comment. THANKS!

Luckily, Casey was fast asleep by the time the storm hit. She had been so sick the few days before the storm that she slept 12 hours that night. I was sick Friday morning and spent the entire day on teh couch watching the news.

The house shook like crazy. It was weird. Since I was so sick, I pretty much slept through the entire thing. Andy got up every 2 hours to go check on things. The pictures ABOVE are of Casey sitting on the front porch with Andy Saturday morning. She loves being outside! The house began to get pretty warm on Saturday, so this was one of many naps Casey took naked!

The section of fence we own. It was looking pretty rough anyway!

Looking into our neighbor's yard...their fence.

We are so proud of this little section of fence. Andy and I built it not long after we bought the house. We are so proud that it is still standing! Oh, the water is from the little trench Andy built so that our backyard would not flood!

Our neighbors 2 doors down. The tree landed on the house, but I don't think it did any real damage. It looks pretty bad though!

My sister-in-law's dog checking out the neighbor's yard. We have had a tough time keeping our dog, Dixie, out of the neighbor's yard now there there is no fence!

*** So, no damage to our house or garage and no flooding. We are so lucky! We had power out for 7 days, but we lived. I will post more later!

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