Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A night to FORGET!

Last night at about 845pm, Casey got very sick. She got sick all over me, down my shirt, all over the floor, and on the wall...yeah, that was the first time she threw up. She went through 5 outfits last night even!

Since Andy was playing softball and I was freaking out since I had never seen so much puke in my life, I frantically called mom and then called Ruby and Tommy. Ruby and Tommy rushed over to help me out. I called the Pediatrician's nurse line and Ruby helped to take notes. Luckily, Ruby grabbed a bottle of Pedialyte on the way over. Casey puked several times last night. She really didn't get much sleep! I slept with her in the spare room. She had a hard time getting comfortable. She would wake up and want to be held, but as soon as you would hold her, she would put her hands and feet on your chest and push off as hard as she could. Twice I had to get Andy up to help. He rubbed her back and she went back to sleep fast! Daddy has the magic touch! He said it works Jon when Audrey can't sleep and sure enough, it worked great for us, too! 130am was the last time she was sick, so it looks like things are getting better. She woke up again at 430am and I gave her some Pedialyte in a syringe. She took it down fine and went back to bed. When she woke up an hour later, she was STARVING. I did the syringe thing again and she was fine and still starving, so I thought I would take my chances and give her a bottle. I was so worried when she initially woke up since her diaper was bone dry. Well, she has wet her diaper and even made a poopie diaper today. Casey has had two 4-ounce bottles of Pedialyte and had 2 tablespoons of rice cereal today. UGH. She has a low grade fever that we hope will settle itself out during the day (99.4 F).

SO the pictures are of her wild hair. This symbolizes the tough night she had. I did NOTHING to make her hair do this. She napped from 7am-10am straight and this was the do she woke up with. I put her back down for another nap at 1130am. Poor baby.

However, she is in a great mood! Even last night between puking, she was so sweet to Ruby and Tommy. She even let Ruby hold her a few times! HA HA HA! She thought Tommy was the funniest thing ever. It really was too cute!
p.s. - She has her daddy's head and hair style. I should have taken a picture of him this morning with her. They have identical "bed head" hair dos.


Alyssa said...

Poor Casey! I'm sorry you guys are having it rough. I hope she keeps that rice cereal down.

Jackie and Andy said...

She kept the rice cereal down all day. The nurse said we could try bananas after she had kept cereal down...well, she didn't keep the bananas down so she is missing another day of day care. I have been feeling bad all day and can feel that I am next! Lucky for me! NOT!