Sunday, September 21, 2008

IKE - Post 2

The tree that ate my Aunt Connie's car.

View from the street.
Our local HEB.
The first night was absolutely miserable. We were so lucky that Andy's friend Rick's wife gave us a battery-powered fan for Casey. The house was 84 degrees that night. I slept on the floor by her crib. Well, I would say that I slept. I couldn't sleep with all the sweat dripping off me. Andy slept in his work truck. I was so worried about her in the heat, considering how sick she was for several days.
Casey spent most of Saturday and Sunday in her diaper. Sunday night we stayed at Rick's house. It was so nice to be in the AC. Andy stayed at home guarding the house. The THIEF has moved back home with his mom...everyone keep an eye on your property! Long story.

More posts to come...


Alyssa said...

I'm so sorry that you were sick through Ike. That must have been miserable!! I was miserable and I wasn't even sick. Carter spent the entire week in diapers too. Luckily the house across the street got power on Fri. and they shared an extension cord that allowed us to plug in a fan for Carter. I'm glad that your house fared ok. I was worried about you guys.

Johanna Simpson Baker said...

Poor baby! If you have to put up boards that say 'Baby's 2nd Hurricane', you can come stay with us in nice safe DFW. Casey would look cute sleeping between the twins. She's probably about their size, despite being older! :) Glad you guys made it ok - good luck at school tomorrow!