Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A somewhat typical day in the life of Casey Crawford

Below is an account of a semi-normal day for Casey. Mrs. Mary took pictures for me today. When I go back to work, I will get her up at 615 am and have her at day care by 630am. Mrs. Mary (LOVE HER) gives Casey her bottle while I sneak out the door. This week, since I am in no rush to get to school, Casey has her bottle on the couch when she gets up between 630-7am and we stroll into dar care between 730 and 8am. I go back to work tomorrow so the routine is set to change. Casey and Mrs. Mary
Casey is an excellent eater. Today she had a 4oz jar of beechnut Cinnamon Raisin Granola at 8am.
Casey loves to eat!!!
Next they go on a little ride to go play. Casey is actually 1 month older than the little girl in front of her. This picture cracks me up!
I don't know if they have tummy time before nap or they go on their little trip before nap. I will just guess that they go on their little trip before nap time.

Doesn't Casey look so excited?!?!

Casey and Erin playing.

Casey napping in her crib. Her first nap is at about 930am and the second one about 1:30pm. She has a bottle right before nap time and then another one after her second nap anywhere between 245pm and 330pm.

For lunch at about 1145am, Casey generally has one Gerber stage 2 veggie (3.5 oz) and one Gerber stage 1 fruit (2.5 oz). Yeah, she is too old for stage 1, but it is the perfect size. Yes, she eats every last bite! Today she had Squash and Pears.

Casey up and playing.

Casey back home and playing in her chair.


Johanna Simpson Baker said...

How nice of your caretaker to take pictures of Casey's day - she is in good hands. I can't believe how tiny she is compared to that younger baby!

Alyssa said...

I love those little carts that they wheel the kids around in! She has all the coolest toys around her and all the other kids to play with. Carter has the same ol' musical table and rattle collection every day. No wonder he's after everything non-toy! I am curious how long it took Casey to be able to eat 5 oz of solids in one sitting. I feel like Carter is going to explode after I give him 2.5 oz. in one feeding.

Jackie and Andy said...


One day at a time. Really, it was Mrs. Mary who said we needed to add more food. I guess because it is like 2 hours between her 945 bottle and her 1145 lunch, Casey was still hungry. Mrs. Mary said that after finishing the 3.5 ounce container, she would notice that Casey kept opening her mouth for the spoon when she went to feed other babies. After 2 hours and a nap, I think her tummy is empty! Looking at the info sheet that they send home every day, Casey doesn't have another bottle until right before her nap at 130 or not until just depends. I don't space things out so far at home, but Casey is happy with how things are done there!

We just moved up to Beechnut jars since the stage 2 breakfast has more variety and is 4 ounces instead of Gerber's 3.5 ounces.

It just takes time. Casey LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to eat...I think she would eat until she puked if you let her!

R.J. & Heather said...

What a sweetie!

Jackie and Andy said...

Thanks, Heather!

How is the little man doing? I hate to sya this, but I love his little UT outfit. My best friend's dad is a big UT fan and he bought Casey a UT chearleader outfit...GRRRR.

The Aggies better start winning soon!!!

David, Meredith, and Luke said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of Casey's day. I need to get more pictures from my daycare lady. =) Hope to see y'all soon.

Jackie and Andy said...


I just sent the camera with her for the day. I did the same thing when she was with Sharon (in-home day care).