Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy one month older to the Baker Twins and Casey!!!

My college ADPi sister, Johanna, has the two cutest twins ever...I just want to pinch their little chubby cheekies! SO, I think they are 6 months old today AND Miss Casey is 9 months old!
I hope she doesn't mind that I put her kids on my blog. I hope Casey and the twins can meet someday!

This is seriously the cutest picture I have ever seen. Yes, they actually sleep holding hands. I think I am in love...just the sweetest ever! Johanna will need to keep this picture in mind when they are teenagers!!!
Not that I could EVER handle twins, but I can't imagine the feeling of walking in and seeing your precious babies holding hands.

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Johanna Simpson Baker said...

Thanks! You could totally handle twins if they were as beautiful and precious as Casey. How fun that we share a day - easy to remember. When they finally meet, I wonder how gigantic Camden & Grayden will look in comparison to your little cutie! Notice I said 'when' not 'if'! :)