Friday, August 1, 2008


First, I have to say that I love the show Hopkins. It is such an amazing show...this is a REAL reality show! Last night, they brought in a 3 month old premature baby. This was the most gorgeous little black baby I have ever seen! They brought her into the PICU because a case worker had suspected that she had been abused. The baby had cracked ribs and had head trauma. Luckily all you could see was her beautiful eyes, but tons of tubes and monitors. They said that these kind of cases rarely see much success...and then I went to answer the phone and didn't see what happened. Last night at midnight I frantically logged onto to see if I could watch the episode. Andy HATES it that I watch this stuff, specifically if it involves babies. This morning I was able to log on and watch the part that I missed, which was only like 1 minutes...the little girl made it through the night and was showing huge improvements. Boy, did I snot crying like a baby. Thank you God for giving this beautiful baby girl a chance!

ON to the REALLY AWESOME NEWS - Casey crawled today!!! I DIED!!! She moved her left arm, then caught up both legs, rather than going face first into the carpet, and then she moved her right arm! YIPPEE SKIPPY!!! Happy happy joy joy!!!

p.s. - Casey hates peaches...we will try a different fruit tomorrow and then go back to peaches in a week or two. Kiddo prefers peas to peaches - go figure!


Michelle said...

YEAH CASEY!!!! She'll be running before you know it mom.

Alyssa said...

Way to go Casey!!

Jackie and Andy said...

Even better - this evening she just took off and crawled for about 5 feet! I could not believe it!