Friday, August 22, 2008

Day Care and Back to Work!

Well, we made it through our first week of work and Casey's first week of day care. She generally gives a guilt-filled cry when I drop her off in the morning and then has a fabulous day. Each day this week, they have commented on what a good eater she is. Heather would be so proud...Casey is up to 7 ounces in each bottle, a stage 2 fruit at breakfast, a veggie at lunch, a stage 1 fruit at snack and then a half a jar of stage 2 dinner at night. She is quite the piggie...and finally over 14 pounds! YAY! Oh, did I mention that we haven't taken her back for her 1 month follow up? We will put that on the list for next week.

Andy will be home with Casey all day tomorrow while I am up at school. I am glad they will have it open much still to do! Andy has his big football draft tomorrow. I hope he gets a decent team...damned fantasy football! I actually can't wait to take Casey over to Steve's this year. Steve and Michelle gave Casey a hand-me-down Dolphins wind suit and mom gave Casey a Texans cheerleader outfit. Plus, she is big enough to play with Marshall and Lilly!!! Last time we were over, Casey slept through the entire Super Bowl!

I am actually very excited that Andy will be home with Casey tomorrow. When she spends the day with daddy, she learns a new trick. The previous times Andy spent an entire day with her, he tought her to sit up on her own and to hold her bottle (we are still working on that).

That's all for now...


p.s. - HOLY COW...Casey will be 8 months old SOON!!! Where has the time gone?


David, Meredith, and Luke said...

Doesn't it seem like yesterday that she was born? Luke will be 9 months old tomorrow and I can't believe it! I'm glad you got to work at your school; I bet you feel better prepared for Monday. Yikes!

R.J. & Heather said...

I am so very proud!