Friday, August 15, 2008

Bath and Playtime before Bed

Casey and I met Aunt Jamie for dinner tonight. Casey was really good, but after sitting in her car seat for 45 minutes, she was getting kind of fussy. I really wanted to sit her in a high chair, but they only had one in the entire restaurant and you could see how oily/sticky it looked from across the room! YUCKO!

Here are pictures of Casey after her bath. As you can see, the little stinker can reach the curtains (UGH). We may need to rearrange furniture in her room soon. Also, before bed Casey likes to roll around on our bed for a good 10-20 minutes. She likes to sit up and then fall over onto a pillow. Her latest obsession is trying to grab the wood design on our headboard...check her out up on her own! I didn't help her! It was funny to see her try to get herself up there in footed pajamas (with no traction on her knees or feet)!

The greatest part of my day: I went out to check the mail and met my wonderful neighbor, Mary Ruth. She always comes across the street to talk to Casey. So, Casey reaches her arms out to her. What normally comes next is that Casey will go to someone and then start crying...NOPE...she let her hold her for like 3 minutes and then held her arms out to come back! This is huge progress people!!! As many of you know, Casey smiles at anyone and shows a lot of interest in being held, but then starts to fuss! YAY Casey girl!!!

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