Monday, August 11, 2008

Let me out of this Jail!

Casey in baby prison!

I love walking in to get Casey after she is up from her nap. Seeing her on her knees with her little face pressed up against the "bars" is just too funny! She is also very determined to untie one of the bows. I think we need to take down the bumper now!


Michelle said...

She's so gorgeous momma!

I wouldn't worry about the bumper too much unless you start finding her asleep with her face against it. We left them up with our boys until well after they were one. I finally took it down with Evan because he was flattening it out & laying on top of it.

Jackie and Andy said...

Was that Evan's way of telling you his bed wasn't soft enough? HA HA!


Alyssa said...

Has she always woken up that way? That's so cute. When they smile at you after they wake up from their nap it is simply the most wonderful feeling.

Holly Heston said...

I am thinking the same thing with the bumpers myself. I have walked in on Payton with half the bumper down. I guess I'm just not ready for the head banging on the bars yet. Let me know how it goes.

Michelle said...

I don't know what he was trying to tell me. He's almost big enough for me to get him a pillow now, but he still sleeps with his booty in the air & I don't think he'd use it.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!