Sunday, July 20, 2008

Casey top 10 favorite things - in no order - idea borrowed from Alyssa

Casey's TEN favorite things - in no order

1. Scooting across the floor military style to grab the dog's leg or mom's toes.

2. bath time - and being naked before bath time

3. flipping over during her diaper change - seriously kid, stay still!!!

4. eating green beans

5. watching Noggin - mom's favorite too!!! We LOVE Lazy Town!

6. Chewing on anything - her favorites are the base to the bouncer chair (get out the lysol wipes moms) and her keys (that are a piece of crap because the battery died - hate mail to Sassy on the way!!!). She loves chewing on my Iron Man watch (don't worry, I wash my hands A LOT). Oh, and let's not forget her toes...I can't imagine they taste good, but they do to her!

7. Daddy's singing and mom's humming (mom can't sing - she would be famous on American Idol for being booted off and Simon calling her APPALLING).

8. Fighting with mom at nap time...when mom dims the lights, she knows it is nap time and is NOT happy.

9. talking to/ squealing at the dog
10. Casey LOVES mom and dad (well, she LOVES dad when mom isn't around - rotten!!!)

Just for fun -

Here is Casey 1 week old and 6 months old

Oh yeah, Casey loves playing Peek-a-boo and laughing at mom when she dances to the songs on Noggin (tries to entertain Casey but gets laughed at - back to Simon Cowell comment...)


David, Meredith, and Luke said...

I think I may have to borrow that idea too. What precious pictures of your little girl! She's a petite little princess!

Jackie and Andy said...

Borrow away...and thanks, she is super cute and super rotten!

Alyssa said...

I like your list! I also have a Sassy toy that never had any sound, but since it was a gift and did not come in its original packaging, I can't complain.