Friday, April 18, 2008

Day Care and the Dog

Yesterday, I decided to go look at one of the day cares in clear lake, just in case Sharon sells her house. WOW! This place was amazing! It smelled nice, no kids screaming in cribs, there were kids singing along with a lady playing guitar, and everything was so clean. There were TV monitors at the front showing every room, AND you can log in once your baby goes there and watch your kid at work! The price...well, much higher. It would be a huge struggle, but totally worth it knowing you can leave your child and feel safe. Did I mention the doors are locked and they have to "buzz" you in? stealing babies at this place!

I was sleeping like a rock (about 30 minutes ago at 520am) and Dixie decides she REALLY needs to go. It is pouring rain, poor thing! So, I dump her outside and then dry her I am awake. Casey is still sleeping. She went down last night around 930pm (late for her) and slept until 3am...not bad!!!

That's really it...we are supposed to do all of this work at our Outdoor Education Center this morning. I hope the rain stops!

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