Monday, April 21, 2008

Andy's Birthday

Andy's Birthday was yesterday. He is 33 years old. When he was sleeping, Casey and I went out to buy him dough nuts (we have NO food in the house). She smiled at an old man in line, she smiled at an attractive 30 something white man in line, but CRIED at the two old ladies (all done up for church with big silver hair and bright red lipstick). I guess this is why she cries at my grandmas! The kid better learn to like old grammy (her great grammy) rocks!

The night before, I had his brother-in-law go get him a basketball goal. He seemed kind of thrilled. Sure enough, his brother-in-law and nephew were over playing basketball last night for almost 3 hours. I think he liked the gift.

Last night we all met for dinner at Prince's hamburgers. Casey cried a little and then passed out. She napped for a little while and then woke up semi-friendly, as long as I was holding her.

Oh, I am posting a picture today of her in a dress...the man at the dough nut shop thought she was a cute little boy ( did I mention she was in all purple with ruffle socks?) so, I went to Babies R Us and bought her two dresses.

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mwilder99 said...

That guy doesn't sound very perceptive. Maybe Casey should have cried when she saw him too. I'm glad ya'll had a good weekend for Andy's birthday. Erik's 33rd was last month too. They are old. Too bad I'm not far behind.