Sunday, April 27, 2008

Casey and Daddy

Andy babysat Friday and Saturday night and it went well! Well, good enough. He gave her a bath both nights and put her to bed at her bedtime. I know that this may sound shocking that I have an almost 4 month old and that this is something that he should already be doing. He is normally in class 3 nights a week and then also refs a lot of lacrosse at night. He will catch up on his bath time with Casey now that lacrosse is over.

Two pics of Casey and where she is sleepy and snuggling with him and one where she is mad (who knows what about).

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Holly Heston said...

Casey is precious. I love your blog. I'm so honored that I inspired you to start one. It really is fun to have a way for everyone to stay caught up.....and, by the way, my husband has never bathed Payton. He has watched me a couple of times. I'm not sure how he would do if it was up to him alone.

Holly Heston