Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome Back!

Happy 4th of July and Happy 1st post in forever.
Kyle is doing great. We had a problem with him gaining weight due to my crappy milk supply. We have to supplement. He is 9ish weeks old and a little over 9 pounds. We go back at 3 months for another check up. He seems to be VERY happy after he has eaten...big goofy grins and a little "talking". The rest of the time he is just a GRUMPY GUS!
We tried to put Casey in a dance class, but she HATED it..."these people are not my friends and she is not my teacher". It looks like we will be doing dance tree in the fall again.
Most importantly, the anniversary of grammy's death is coming up at the end of the month. I HATED it when kids/adults write "FML" on their facebook pages. Half of the time, people are whining about traffic or other B.S. like that...or spoiled rotten kids who don't get their way. Whatever...but this is the one time where I want to post it. Ugh. Casey misses her like crazy. She asks about going to see her at least 5 times a week...especially when she is really tired at night.
I guess blogging is so hard because I am always on facebook.
I will leave you with a conversation my daughter had with me tonight.
Casey: Mommy, your boobies are big and they look weird.
Me: I know.
Casey: Am I going to look like this someday?
Me: Yes, when you are really old this is what will happen to you.
Casey: Like when I am 5?
Me: God, I hope not until you are in your 30s.
Casey: Huh?
Me: Nevermind. You just stay 3 for now and go brush your teeth and go to bed.
That's all for today. Maybe I will post pics from the 4th of July parade at some point before Casey is 15. (That was for you Johanna).


Johanna said...

Haha on the boobies conversation. And YAY for getting the blog up. Keep it up. I go through Casey withdrawals. And I need to get to know Kyle.

Johanna said...

Oh, and I had to look up FML to figure out what it was. I'm so lame.