Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting to Know Kyle Crawford...AKA "Little Brother"

How I usually find him in the morning...he likes to scoot down and prop his feet up. Time for the crib, I guess.
My first trip to the pool!
The ladies man!
Well, dad isn't that rad! ha ha!
KYLE - Well, he is pretty scheduled, like Casey, but is a lot more friendly! As you can see below, I am trying my hardest to catch him smiling. As soon as I hold up the camera, his eyes get real big and he is in a trance.
A little about Kyle at 2.5 months:
He is sleeping about 4-5 hours straight a night.
He LOVES to take a could sit him in his "hot tub" all night and he would be happy.
After he eats, he really turns on the charm and starts "talking" up a storm.
He is fascinated by his sister...well, that "thing" that is constantly running around in cricles and constantly whining about everything.
He likes to fall asleep in the truck.
He loves his momma! Well, and daddy, too.
Also, as you can see from the pictures, he likes to scoot all the way down in his bassinet and prop his feet up when he sleeps...who's kid is this? DADDY'S!

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