Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"momma spiked the punch"

Well, and I think I am only talking to Johanna here, it is fun to go through the smiling and cooing phase. Grumpy Gus turns into real cutie pie after his belly is full. Last night, I let Casey watch her video from when she was 3 months old. She loves watching "baby casey".
Oh and the title...the boy only poops every 3 days. By day 3 he is just pissy, SOOOO I spiked his bottle with a half ounce of prune juice. Hello Poopasaurus Rex! He is so friendly after a good poop...I guess we really know he is a male!


Johanna said...

Prune juice was Grayden's best friend. We started giving her a little bit each day for a few months because otherwise she would literally fill a footie pajama with poop after holding out for several days. Eww. Don't envy those days, but the cooing cute baby days I look back on fondly. How's Casey doing in the big sis department?

Oh, and you'll be happy you did the blog thing in a few years when you can't remember anything anymore. :)

Jackie and Andy said...

Johanna -

Casey is doing ok. I feel guilty as hell. I have been teaching summer school all summer and Andy has been home with the kids. His doing a great job, but Casey has watched a ton of Disney movies. SO, of'course, Casey is as happy as a clam.

My camera is dead or I would post more pictures. He looks totally different!

Casey is doing ok. She loves to kiss his head and ask him "what's the matter little brother". Other than that, she just ignores him. =)