Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bunny and the New Rubber Maid Storage Bin

This is Bunny. Casey calls it "Hippy Hop" most of the time. Bunny sings and USED to move her head. Casey carries Bunny around by her head and now Bunny has a broken neck. I am not a doctor, but it does appear that poor Bunny can sing, but no longer dance!

Casey playing with Bunny in and out of my new organizer...all day.

p.s. - None of these pictures were posed. She spent the entire afternoon in and out of the bottom drawer. Why do we have all these toys again?

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Johanna Simpson Baker said...

How can you stand it? She is so freakin' cute! I better not meet her when she is in the toddler stage, because I will SCARE her. I just want to hold her and squish her!