Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weight Loss, playing with toys, and GREAT sleeping!

Ok, so last night Casey went to sleep at about 830pm. She slept until 330am. All of this is normal. What is FANTASTIC is that she then slept until 8am. This has never happened. She is normally up by about 630am. SWEET!!!

Weight I have done nothing to get rid of this baby weight. I get on the scale periodically to make sure I am not putting on more weight. I eat terribly (in my opinion). I got on the scale this morning and am shockingly only 5 pounds away from pre-baby Jackie! Most of it could really use some running and situps! Will start on that in June when school lets out.

The pictures are of her in the little onesie dress her Aunt Ruby and Uncle Tommy gave to her. She likes to chew on the skirt. My sister bought her the polka dots onesie.

This morning, I took her out on her early Sunday morning trip to the dough nut shop. I attached on her car seat toy. When you put it on the handle, it is right in her face and she bonks her head! She played the entire way there and back, and then played in her car seat another 10 minutes! Casey is really coming along! As you know, she can be VERY impatient!

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