Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I promise to post pics of Casey AWAKE soon!

Casey - sleeping with Dora!

Today - Today I got to day care and they said they had just called. Casey had fallen and bumped her head. It had only been an hour and it was already red and purple! It is going to get real ugly! Then, after I went to go get her bag and pick her up, there was a note that a kid had taken a bite out of her at 9am that morning. They said she didn't even cry, but the bump in the head had her wailing for awhile. Hopefully my precious one will have a better day tomorrow!


David, Meredith, and Luke said...

Oh no, poor sweet little one!! Hugs and kisses to Casey!

Alyssa said...

What a sucky day for her! It seems that when it rains accidents, it pours with the little ones.