Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gi Gi's dress

I tried to snap a picture of Casey in the dress Jennifer bought her, but haven't had much luck. She bought it for her awhile ago, but I just finally got around to buying shorts that matched since it didn't come with bloomers. I think the shorts look better anyway!
Her face is still pretty busted up. Poor thing lost a battle with a bathroom trash can.

Yesterday, Casey played with Aunt Ruby and Uncle Tommy. She had a great time, but gave them a run for their money when it came to lunch time. The kid just doesn't like spaghetti Os. Oh well.
Today we ventured out to the gym. I was nervous, but Casey did just fine at the little gym day care. We will try to go every day. We will see.


Johanna Simpson Baker said...

She is beautiful!

David, Meredith, and Luke said...

Her little dress is so adorable!

Luke has a bump/cut on his head all the time. Curiosity and clumsiness combine to create boo boo's on a consistent basis at our house. :0)