Friday, February 20, 2009

Casey Sleeping at Day Care and we FINALLY made our 12 month appointment!

Here is Casey napping at day care. She is now boycotting the AM nap, but about passes out by 130pm and sleeps like a champ until they wake her up at 3pm.

We FINALLY, at 13 1/2 months, made it in for our 12 month appointment. Well, better late than never! She did awesome getting shots. She only fussed for about 10 seconds. They gave her a new book, so she was so excited. Yeah, Clifford the Big Red Dog!

So, Casey has no real interest in walking or even trying to. It may appear that she is standing on her own, but she does this thing were she puts her weight on her tummy to stand up and do things with her hands. I think it is funny. Don't get me wrong, she can about run with her walker and can use the couch to slide along anything. She is just at her own pace. Oh, and her latest thing is to say "All Gone" when she is done eating, and she points at things and says, "What's that". Too funny. Again, she will be talking in sentences long before she considers taking her first step. My favorite is still when we walk into her room and she sees our pictures on the wall and points at each one to say "Baby". She is also really cute when she looks at you and says, "Nee Nee Nee." Casey then leans in close to rub noses. She usually initiates this. Andy taught it to her. Anyone need eskimo kisses?

We have graduated to the 15th percentile! I am thrilled! Casey is up to a whopping (kidding) 19 pounds, 12 ounces and is 28 1/2 inches tall. Yeah!!! Oh, and her hair is really coming in.
We also FINALLY have her two top teeth breaking the surface. Maybe she will be off baby food by the time she is ready for pre-school. HA HA!

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