Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Single Mom

Yes, school has started again, so I am a single mom on Wednesday nights. Luckily, it is only one night a week. That's ok...I don't really want to share Casey anyway. She really only wants to play with her toys and watch Spongebob...

p.s. - Prayers to the Kelly family and baby Iris.

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Alyssa said...

That's great that Andy's back in school. Sorry you have to fend for yourself. I know it's hard after a long day of work.

I was so so sad to read about your friend's story. She has been through an ordeal that I would can not even imagine recovering from, but hopefully she will continue to hear only good news about baby Iris.

This is the third mono-can't remember how to spell that, case I have heard about, and I thought it was supposed to be a rare condition!